TheSnapLink App

What is TheSnapLink?

The concept is built on research on Picture Therapy technique. It is believed that playing puzzles and matching card games provides brain activity and helps them in maintaining memory power. In addition, showing them family pictures, photos from happy times makes them happy.

The Founder


TheSnapLink is founded by Rahil Thanawala and it has a range of products for Alzheimer patients to improve cognitive and memory skills. He was inspired by his grandma who is also an Alzheimer’s patient.


Our Products


Both the products can be made with high resolution digital pictures and your pictures will not be shared with any one without your permission. You can provide family, pets, favourite food, vacations or  historic events.

Memory Flash Cards

  • 3″X2″ duplicate laminated pictures that will have name tags in the back of the pictures.
  • Made with a fully customisable picture puzzles with the name tags.
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