TheSnapLink App

TheSnapLink app

The iOS mobile app is based on research of TheSnapLink's Picture Therapy technique which aids people suffering from Alzheimer's in maintaining their memory power


Home Screen


With beautifully crafted themed buttons for each section of the app you will feel right at home.

The top section gives the info on the current task in your daily schedule with an image background for every part of the day.

Personal Profile

The care taker can create a personal profile storing all the information about the patient including their Favourites, Family, Photo, etc.

The profile will be securely saved online and can be retrieved anywhere you login.

Daily Schedule


The care taker can create a daily schedule for every tasks of the day and get reminders for them.

Reminders can be created with recurrence of ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ & ‘Yearly’ and they will automatically synchronise with the iOS Reminder app.

Memory Games

We have developed specially designed games based on Picture Therapy technique to help in the cognitive and memory skills.

There are 3 levels for the games which test their memory in different ways.

Story Teller

The story teller helps them take a deep dive into the memory lane by visually remembering their old incidents in their life.

The care taker can create as many stories as they want related to their past life

Photo Album

What better way to remember the past life then looking at a gallery of photos.

The Photo Album lets the care taker to add a bulk of photos to the app which creates an animated slideshow.