The SRO similar to the Trijicon RMR easily mounts to popular red-dot-ready pistols, is compatible with most RMR mounts, and does not require a sealing plate. If the SRO breaks prematurely I'll go back to RMR's because, like most Trijcon offerings, they are as close to bombproof as an optic can be made. #14008270 07/28/19: Joined: Nov 2003. Its the only one thats bomb proof. Weight: 1.6 oz. 1 of 2 Go to page. In fact, MTG Tactical is offering a sweet deal for Glock MOS users where you get the mount for free when you order the optic from MTG. There is no need to dismount the optic for battery changes with a quick-change top loading battery. J. Magnification: 1X; Dot Size: 1, 2.5, 5 MOA; Objective: 25mm ; Length: 2.2 in. 40 0 0. Trijicon SRO. Trijicon RMR facing challenges from Vortex and others. Reddit; E-mail; The Holosun 407K and 507K are among the optics that Trijicon claims violate its patent. Other pistol optics that are marketed towards having night vision settings typically just have a dim setting that is barely visible to the naked eye, but under a NOD will bloom and halo severely impacting engagement distance and potentially damaging a NOD. Battle Of The Dots! Jun 20, 2019 #1 Kind of having trouble making a decision here, but maybe one of you folks had some insight I’m not seeing. A note on the RMR though, my M4 killed two 1.0 rmr's, and the second I had to send in to Trijicon to have the battery compartment upgraded to the new 2.0 style. #14008270 07/28/19: Joined: Nov 2003. While the SRO is hardly fragile, it’s not built to the same military specifications as the RMR. Joined: Nov 2003. Next Last. RMR. Mobile. The Type 2 beefs up the rugged part a bit more as well. Jr. Like the RMR, the SRO would be at home atop nearly any ballistic platform, but pistol shooters have the most to gain from the optic’s advancements. jimmyp. Trijicon released the SRO to a surprised audience and it made quite the impression at NRAAM. Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: Hop To : Trijicon SRO vs RMR? The SRO similar to the Trijicon RMR easily mounts to popular red-dot-ready pistols, is compatible with most RMR mounts, and does not require a sealing plate. The SRO is designed to survive the rigors of slide ride pistols and is engineered for hard use. The SRO also features a quick-change, top-loading battery, so there is no need to dismount your optic. J. Tattoo. I went the lazy route and got a Sig P320 RX with a romeo 1 and the suppressor height sights already installed and a factory warranty for $725. Posts: 17,865. The RMR was a revolutionary mark in the minimization of sights. J. jimmyp OP. But it still had a few shortcomings. Trijicon’s Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) has been the go to optic for handguns for years. Carry On I'm looking at the 1.0 MOA or 2.5 MOA dots. A general overview of the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) The Trijicon MRO is a compact rifle optic fabricated in the USA. The SRO uses the same mounting footprint as the RMR and fits existing slide or Picatinny rail mounts for the RMR. There is no need to dismount the optic for battery changes with a quick-change top loading battery. But despite the base having the same dimensions, the SRO’s larger window could pose some mounting problems. But there’s a caveat. Any optic hoping … Additionally, the SRO's larger lens uses less tint than the RMR. In reality, it’s only a third of an inch taller than the Trijicon RMR and it works with all RMR plates. Having the same footprint as the RMR, the Trijicon SRO can be used in slides cut for the former. Because of the durability and that it is a proven feature of the RMR's. The Trijicon RMR has been long considered the miniature red dot of choice for duty and military use. Posts: 17,835. Since I already have a Trijicon RMR, I know what I will be getting with the SRO. #RM65 RMR® Mount for 30mm Riflescope #RM45 RMR Pistol Mount for Smith & Wesson M&P #CA428-C-600757/58/59 1911 RMR Mount w/ Integrated Night Sight Set #AC32076 … Campfire Kahuna. We will ad a link below. The SRO is designed to survive the rigors of slide ride pistols and is engineered for hard use. RMR vs DPP vs 507C vs SRO These Are My Opinions!Like, Share & Subscribe! Would like to add a red dot to it for spring turkey. The SRO is designed to survive the rigors of slide ride pistols and is engineered for hard use. Kurtenbach says he banged on it for 2 hours and the gun still held its zero—even out to 200 yards. The SRO similar to the Trijicon RMR easily mounts to popular red-dot-ready . If you're going to use the RMR definitely pop for the newer one. For instance, if mounted too far forward, it could cover the ejection port. NES Member. The Trijicon rep told me that with the gaining popularity of red dots on handguns they wanted to make one that was easier to acclimate to compared to their RMR. jimmyp. Go. Trying it out, I believe they succeeded. OP. The features are attractive. The trijicon models … Trijicon has long been a stand out in the optic market. It uses a CR2032 battery, which will work up to three years on a setting of four. The SRO distinguishes itself from the RMR by its noticeably taller and rounded objective lens, which makes it easier to find the dot. The Specialized Reflex Optic has the same general footprint as the Trijicon RMR series and even utilizes the same mounts! It looks bigger, but also looks like it might be easier to use due to the larger view? The Trijicon SRO ® (Specialized Reflex Optic) is designed with a maximized field of view and a clean, crisp red dot that deliver improved pistol accuracy in competitive-shooting and target-shooting applications. The SRO is a parallax-free optic, meaning regardless of your body position, if you put the dot on target, you will get a good hit. The RMR has its place in the market and out n the field that is solidly rooted through years of application. Campfire Kahuna. The sight $455 plus the slide milling $100 plus the suppressor sights $75 ($630 Total) plus the effort and time to make it all happen. Posted April 26, 2019. The RMR and SRO are 3.25 and that works well for me. ️Me Out On Instagram, Thanks For Watching! Rating - 100%. (Photo: Holosun, Inc.) Michigan-based optics manufacturer Trijicon, Inc., has accused Holosun Technologies, Inc., of violating one of the patents that protects the Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight as well as the Specialized Reflex Optic (SRO). These are on my EDC guns, for a range toy or competition gun any thing works because you are not betting you life on the sight working. SHOCKNAWE. I need to either sell my brand new Gen 5 17 or get the slide milled. Utilizing the same mount footprint as the current RMR, the most noticeable difference of the SRO is the absolutely huge sight window. OP. The top loading battery, bigger glass, and smaller dot are bonuses to me. AFAIK only the RMR, SRO, and Aimpoint Acro have true night vision settings. Thread starter Sammy; Start date Jun 20, 2019; 1; 2; Next. Trijicon SRO vs RMR? I would again, choose an RMR type 2. Anyone have the chance to try the new SRO? I do have a spare Scalarworks Micro (T1/T2/Primary Arms/Holosun/Sig) mount for the M4 if you're interested, I'd be happy to save you some money on it. Keep in mind I’m looking at this through the focus of CCW. Reactions: greencobra. Again we would like to point out that the SRO is not a replacement for the RMR. Any minature red dot that doesnt use the RMR foot print is going to be at a severe disadvantage due to the sheer number of mounts and RMR cut slides are out there. The SRO is longer than the RMR. I’m kicking myself in the ass for not waiting … J. jimmyp OP. SRO. The 507c is interesting but the RMR is proven. Register Log In Home Forums Handguns Trijicon SRO vs RMR? I am considering getting an SRO for a railed, target 22 pistol. Tattoo. Posts: 17,865. Member; Posts: 7; Trijicon SRO vs RMR M3500 « on: February 12, 2020, 11:34:49 PM » Tweet; Picked up a stoeger M3500 recently. It’s also engineered with Trijicon’s legendary durability, so it can withstand abuse on and off the range. If money is no object, the Trijicon RMR is the way to go. Sammy Well-Known Member. level 1. But the SRO shines when it comes to the speed in acquiring the red dot reticle. The Aimpoint ACRO is coming from a company known for making rugged and tough optics. Oh, and it’s billed as being waterproof to a depth of ten toes, so you need to be advantageous operating the SRO within the rain. It uses the same footprint as the RMR, and due to the top-load battery, the SRO doesn’t require sealing plates. Posts: 17,835 . If the SRO proves to be as durable as the RMR (skeptical due to shape of body) I would be really excited about the SRO. While not quite as overbuilt as the RMR, the SRO is plenty sturdy for competition or personal defense. By narrowing the footprint of the RMRcc that much it forced Trijicon to change the positioning of the circuitry to run it; thus, the battery storage position had to be moved. Mobile. Trijicon SRO Vs RMR facet by facet. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. RMR Type 2 vs Aimpoint Acro for CCW. It’s all housed in 7075-T6 forged aluminum. The ACRO P-1 is noticeably bigger than the Trijicon RMR. pistols, is compatible with most RMR mounts, and does not require a sealing plate. Campfire Kahuna. On the other hand, the Holosun 508t is looking sweet as well. Joined Jul 10, 2014 Messages 3,298 Likes 4,128 Location FU Mass, TY NH. Trijicon SRO VS RMR. Trijicon SRO vs RMR M3500 « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. The dot is acquired a lot faster when you bring the pistol up to the eyes compared to the RMR. Just like the RMR, Trijicon’s new SRO is compatible with suppressor-height iron sights. There is no need to dismount the optic for battery changes with a quick-change top loading battery. Author Topic: Trijicon SRO vs RMR M3500 (Read 960 times) BlackBeard1. Oct 30, 2020 #4/22 I’m about to go down this rabbit hole myself. Another potential mounting problem occurs when the rear sight is mounted in front of the SRO. While an RMR … Wondering what nice I should be looking at. There is an overhang in the front that is approximately ⅜ inch beyond the RMR length. 7075-T6 is understood for power and fatigue resistance, each of that are huge professionals for a pistol optic. Although it was meant for the rifle platform pistol competitors quickly found ways to modify their guns to accommodate the RMR. Campfire Kahuna. Trijicon RMRcc (LEFT) vs Trijicon RMR (RIGHT) Another consequence of the width being tightened up by 0.2″ (5.1mm) is that it altered the placement of the battery and the RMRcc screw hole pattern. Bbased on the early testing I've heard the SRO is the optic that will FORCE other manufacturers to improve their products or lose the market. Durability is a hallmark of Trijicon optics, and the SRO is no exception. Its footprint is equivalent to that of the RMR and it’s suitable with most RMR mounts. Mobile. The SRO is an update to the Trijicon RMR. Joined: Nov 2003. Compatible with the RMR mounting footprint and with 1 MOA, 2.5 MOA, and 5 MOA dot sizes, the competition oriented SRO has a generous window and is very eyeball friendly. It’s a rugged optic that I even used on a machine gun during the last few years of my Marine Corps career. Mobile. RMR® / SRO Mounting Kit - Fits Glock ® MOS and Springfield OSP Models #RM34W Weaver Rail Mount Adapter for RMR - Colt Thumb Screw #RM44 RMR® Pistol Mount for All Glock® Models (not including Glock MOS slides). Using the same footprint as the RMR was a wise decision, it should be the industry standard.

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