While a little better than Goku due to having less competition under his name tag, he still suffers from similar niche Movie Bosses Team plays. No, the EZA level one is used for the AGL hercule from the story event, the ones in the baba shop are for the TEQ LR Hercule that recently got the legendary campaign. For example, STR Beerus EZA from TEQ Beerus EZB medals because STR Beerus uses the same medals that TEQ uses to become a TUR. ... Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta Super TEQ. Kid Buu is a meme tier EZA. Great list as always. Trollhan, Burning Attack INT Trunks, Big Bang Attack TEQ Vegeta, ugly AGL SS … It's also worth mentioning that TEQ Cell's EZA event isn't currently active, so you'll either have to wait until it comes back around, or use keys to challenge it Glad Janemba’s back near the top. So INT Beerus is not a candidate, it dokkan into a TUR by using medals from a Story Event, he would probably EZA in a Z-Area alongside SS2Vegeta & Bulma, that also dokkan with that same Event medals. Maybe Int Buuhan to link with him. Only available on the Cake Buu version So, this guy is meant to be the best to link with EZA TEQ Cell, as he transforms he becomes better and better for EZA TEQ Cell, but in the final round surpassing him with an ultimate nuke passive for one turn only, then if anything is still alive still remains the ultimate support for TEQ EZA Cell. level 2 New User Original Poster 1 … We are going to be going into the extreme z awakening of ssj3 gotenks and farming the medals for the new phy ssj gotenks eza… 12 Ki Multiplier is 150% can be farmed to raise Super ATK Suggested Stats: HP-11262 ATK-10056 DEF-6559 This is part of a personal project of mine giving all the "OG" Hero Extermination Plan TUR's an Extreme Z-Awakening putting them back into relevancy, since old TUR's deserve love too. Nuker fat buu is a good floater for orb changing but really TEQ WT Mr. buu is probably best as a utility for the team. Explanation. Seeing EZA Kid Buu at the bottom of the bucket hurt my heart, but I can see why. An EZA Tier List to rank all Extreme Z-Awakened Cards in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So TEQ 13 is getting an EZA" - Page 4. I actually enjoy using STR Super Buu because he's got fun transformations but you could do Majin A21 (although she'll link worse). We are live now for some dokkan battle jp. It'll cost stamina this time. 1 year ago. On a side note, I'm expecting them to group PHY Thicc Buu, TEQ SSJ Trashgeta, AGL Goku and some other relic in another EZA group. Hoping The ones I'm expecting to be grouped together are the original Hero/Villain event rebirths. Now with recent great additions such as SSJ3 Broly's EZA, TEQ Buff Buu's EZA, SSJ4 Broly and also LR DKP I feel like I can beat it now but I'm unsure of my team build. STR choices are limited. EZA TEQ Buff Buu for some extra damage. I STILL lack TEQ Raditz too because I feel like with him I would have had the win even before all of the above units and EZAs. I don't recall which stages give which medals, but it'll sho you when you go to pick a stage what the rewards are.

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